Indiana Federation for Immigration Reform & Enforcement

News release, February 21, 2006- IFIRE

Groups to protest Mexican government interference in U.S. Immigration Policy

(Indianapolis, IN) IFIRE, the Indiana Federation for Immigration Reform & Enforcement, the Indiana Minuteman Chapter, will hold a peaceful demonstration against Mexican governmental interference in U. S. immigration affairs on Saturday, February 25, 2006 beginning at 11:00 a.m. This protest will take place on the north side of Union Station, at 39 West Jackson Place, Indianapolis, IN where the Mexican Consulate has been housed at the expense of Hoosier taxpayers.

There are over 45 Mexican consulates in some 20 states. Eight organizations in 5 states will join IFIRE in protesting the actions of the Mexican government in this “Stop the Intrusion National Protest.” Co-founder of IFIRE, Cheree Calabro stresses, “This protest is against the Mexican government, not the Mexican people. Our government is allowing the Mexican government to trample all over American workers and taxpayers. Since our leaders won’t do it, we’re here to tell the Mexican government to butt out…stop disrespecting our laws…fix your own country and stop interfering with U.S. immigration policy.”

The latest intrusion was when Mexican Consul Sergio Aguilera stood in the Indiana House Chambers in January to testify in support of legislation to give driver’s certificates to illegal aliens. Greg Serbon, IFIRE co-founder asserts, “It's time for foreign governments to stop meddling in America's affairs. We are tired of the Mexican Consulate lobbying Indiana's elected official's to provide their citizens illegally in Indiana with social services at the taxpayers’ expense.”

On the federal level, the Mexican government has organized 11 Latin American countries to help them lobby the U.S. Congress in an effort to defeat the strong immigration enforcement legislation (HR4437) recently passed by the U.S. House of Representatives. They have even offered to loan the use of their consulates to these other countries for this purpose. The Latin American countries will lobby Congress in favor of guestworker/amnesty legislation and against any increases in border security including building a wall. Teresa Keefer, co-founder of IFIRE’s Marion County Chapter in Indianapolis states, “Our demonstration gives the American people an opportunity to register their disapproval of foreign countries attempting to direct our domestic policies.”

People wanting to join the protest must agree to abide by the Minuteman Standard Operating Procedures. Visit the website at www.ifire.org or send an email to IFIRE.org@hotmail.com. You may also call Cheree Calabro (219-916-2085) or Greg Serbon (219-545-1206) for more information.