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 Post subject: Washington Times - Illegal Aliens in Lafayette, Indiana
PostPosted: Sun Jul 16, 2006 10:08 am 

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The Washington Times

Letters to the editor
Published July 16, 2006

Illegals and respect for the law
I think we have to start using honest language about immigration.
When you invite me into your home and you share the food at your table with me, I am your guest. However, if while you are sleeping, I break into your home, can I call myself your guest? Maybe an "undocumented guest"? A man selling drugs on the street may call himself an "undocumented pharmacist," but who is he kidding?
If a person enters my country by sneaking past the Border Patrol, he has committed a federal crime. He is not a guest in my country; he is not an undocumented worker; he is an illegal alien. We do not criminalize him by calling him an illegal alien; he criminalized himself when he crossed the border. Since he broke into my country, he has no right to make demands of me
Picture this: It's 2 a.m. You and your family are sleeping, and I enter your house through a window. I'm going through your wife's purse and telling myself that I'm a decent man just trying to provide for my family. I may be thinking that home burglary isn't really paying off; I may have to try armed robbery of a liquor store. After all, my family has so little, and liquor-store owners have so much. Maybe that's how some illegal aliens think: I am so poor and America is so rich, so, I have a right to steal.
We must start using the common sense that God gave most of us when we were born. When someone disrespects America by breaking in, stealing or forging a Social Security card and working without authorization and then demands that Americans pay for his health care, his children's education, food stamps, subsidized housing and welfare, it should bother you.
Illegal aliens steal benefits they have not earned, and we have government minions happy to oblige them. You say the schools in Honduras were lousy and you can't fill out the welfare application in English or Spanish? No problem! We'll fill it out for you. You need a driver's license to get to your illegal job? No problem, you can take the test in Spanish, and we won't ask about your immigration status. You want to enroll your kids in a public school? No problem, and we'll throw in free lunches too.
I am not happy when I see illegal aliens demand -- not request, but demand -- benefits intended for Americans while waving Mexican flags in my face. I feel like a pickpocket just grabbed my wallet and then screamed in my face, "I deserve some of this!" I am unhappy with government workers who like the idea of importing poverty. It's like America is running out of poor people, and they need to import some more so there will always be jobs for clerks at the welfare office.
Finally, I offer a few words directly to the honorable illegal aliens living in America. You are welcome to my home as my guests. I offer you my friendship and my table. You enrich my life. But when I say goodbye, I ask you to go home because we both know that's the right thing to do. Please come back and become my neighbor when you can do so legally. We will both feel better knowing that you did the honorable thing.
But I cannot allow you to steal from my country, and I will not allow you to tell yourself that stealing is OK. Respect my laws, and I will welcome you back to my home as a real American and as my neighbor.

Lafayette, Ind.

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