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 Post subject: Comparing Pilgrims to Illegal Aliens???
PostPosted: Sat Nov 26, 2011 8:12 am 
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Click this link to see The New Yorker magazine cover and read the entire story.
http://www.examiner.com/immigration-ref ... ts_article

The New Yorker magazine portrays illegal aliens as pilgrims

Dave Gibson, Immigration Reform Examiner
November 26, 2011

The current issue of The New Yorker magazine portrays pilgrims crossing the U.S./Mexican border after squeezing through a hole in the fence in an obvious attempt to compare English settlers landing in what became known as New England to the millions who cross into this country illegally. The cover piece is entitled “Promised Land.”

The artist, Christoph Niemann, told the Huffington Post: “Too often in politics, very complex subjects are being turned into sound bites, so it’s easy to take them apart. I draw a parallel between current immigrants and early settlers—the hope is that it will provide context, to help keep things in perspective. Cartoonists, not politicians, should be the ones who condense political discussions into simple images.”

He continued: “American politics tend to be very practical and open-minded, so why would you consider throwing them out?...The debate should be about how can a country benefit from immigration. America depends on immigration. The discussion will be more valuable if it is focused on benefits.”

And finally: “I wish this whole debate would be a lot more sober and careful. These are people and it's about their aspirations.”

Now for a dose of reality…

While some people now refer to illegal aliens as “immigrants,” it is doubtful that those same people realize the effort that has gone into convincing them to ignore the important distinctions between those two groups.

Calling anyone who enters this country illegally an “immigrant” is akin to calling a burglar a house guest.

Referring to illegal aliens as “immigrants” is not only dishonest, it is incredibly insulting to the millions of folks who have come to this country legally, and truly belittles their contributions.

The left has co-opted the language in this case, just as they have with so many issues. For instance, the act of aborting one’s own child is no longer “abortion,” but “a woman’s right to choose.”

Politicians and advocacy groups who continue to push for a so-called “path to citizenship” for illegal aliens ignore the fact that there is already such a “path” already exists and has been successfully taken by millions. Of course, it is not quick, and it does not reward criminals.

Changing the language to soften or gain acceptance for an unpopular, or even immoral or illegal activity is simply a propaganda tactic. It is exactly how the monstrous thugs of the Third Reich convinced the advanced culture of Germany to commit genocide and accept policies which ultimately destroyed their country.

While our success may be as a “nation of immigrants,” turning ours into a nation of illegal aliens will undoubtedly spell our demise.

It should be noted that Niemann is himself, a legal immigrant.

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