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 Post subject: Biblical Immigration for Bleeding Heart Christians
PostPosted: Mon Jul 21, 2014 10:54 am 
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Biblical Immigration for Bleeding Heart Christians
July 10, 2014

You are being played.

At least that’s what liberals are attempting to do to you by taking some aspects of our Christian faith, in violation of others, to make you feel guilty when there is no reason. The “humanitarian” crisis on our southern border is just one example of the larger problem that will ultimately bankrupt America as it violates God’s order in the misguided pursuit of charity and utopia.
Yes, we do have a biblical obligation to help people, but not indiscriminately. For example, we must help true Christian widows (1 Tim 5:9-10) and orphans (James 1:27). Why? Because they don’t have families. The family is God’s social welfare program, not the government. "But if any provide not for his own, and specially for those of his own house, he hath denied the faith, and is worse than an infidel."I Timothy 5:8

When we try to usurp the family we’re fighting against God. Building on the fanciful sand of a socialistic welfare state, not on the rock of God’s Word, is destined to fail. When families send unaccompanied minors to our borders we should treat them humanely as we immediately send them back to their families. Releasing them into our cities is a recipe for disaster. Many of them have already been exploited and will be further or turn to crime just to survive.

Our nation’s immigration policies are both realistic and compassionate, there is simply a lack of political will to enforce them. We can and should provide a refuge for people in certain extreme circumstances, such as religious persecution. But, it is cultural suicide to say to the whole world if you can get to America you can stay and live off the system. "For even when we were with you, this we commanded you, that if any would not work, neither should he eat." (2 Thessalonians 3:10)
Nations in order to exist must have borders, a common culture and language. God establishes and respects nations and determines their borders. "And I will set thy bounds from the Red sea even unto the sea of the Philistines." Exodus 23:31He makes peace in your borders… Psalm 147:14"And [God] hath… appointed… the bounds of their habitation." Acts 17:26 Only the most ideologically deluded radicals think there should be no borders.

God laid out immigration laws for Israel. When sojourners came into the land they settled by the permission of the host under certain conditions. If they would adopt the culture of Israel, its laws and religion, they could stay. If not, they did not have the same rights of the rest of society. They were not to be abused, but they were ultimately required to leave.

Admittedly, the people who are flooding our boundaries are desperate and come from hard circumstances. But, there is not wide spread starvation or famine that is driving them here.

Is it up to them to decide whether or not to break into our country? Is it lawful for someone to break into your home and use your assets just because you might be better off than them? The same moral principle is at work for our nation. We simply can’t afford to help everyone who thinks they need it, as if we owe it to them.

If they don’t like their own countries policies or government, they must work to change them. America can’t be the dumping ground for the hundreds of millions of the world’s disadvantaged. If we owe refuge to the poor of Central America, why not India? We don’t owe it to anyone except those to whom God requires.

The American people already give more money to humanitarian efforts around the world than any other nation. It’s virtuous if we do it voluntarily. But, when we are being forced by illegal immigrants and liberal politicians to accept and subsidize people who have no respect for our laws, then we become complicit in their lawlessness. Lawless churches are even aiding and abetting illegal immigrants as they violate our laws in violation of the scripture. This is NOT virtuous.


If you take a biblical stand on borders, culture and language you will hear liberals shriek, “What about the Good Samaritan?” Good question. Let’s look at what it says, and more importantly what it does not say.
It’s a parable about the virtuous act of a Samaritan man. He helps a Jew that was beat and robbed due to no fault of his own as he lawfully walked along the road. The larger cultural context Jesus was addressing was the racism existing between the Jews and Samaritans.

The Jewish religious leaders ought to have helped, but passed by the bleeding Jewish victim are held up as not being a merciful neighbor. The surprise of the parable is an “unwashed” Samaritan is the victim’s true neighbor. He gives the man help, generously paying to put him up at an inn to recover.

What liberals see here is a mandate to shake you down. If you’re not careful they will twist you into a ball of false guilt.
Note that the Jewish victim did not get hurt while trying to break the law. He was the victim of lawlessness. Somehow using twisted liberal logic we are supposed to feel sorry for people breaking our laws. This is NOT the point of the parable, unless you think the point is to feel sorry for the robbers.

The Good Samaritan demonstrated mercy and kindness even though the victim was a Jew. The Jews treated Samaritans as dogs. That’s the point. Jesus is teaching as you go about your life and come upon a victim in need you should help them regardless of their ethnicity. Are the people breaking into our country victims or merely opportunists? We have no obligation to help lawless people.
The Samaritan’s help was personal and voluntary. The Samaritan did not call for the suspension of immigration laws, the passage of the “Samaritan Dream Act,” or the establishment of another government welfare program. He didn’t even take the Jewish victim home with him. He kindly assisted him with temporary help so the victim could eventually get back to his own family. Not a bad idea for our border. Patch them up and get them home.

Be forewarned about the coming hysteria from bleeding hearts. Some will quote a Bible verse out of context and twist it to make you feel guilty because you want our national borders, culture and language to be preserved. Immigration is fine if it is controlled and benefits our country.

Race is not the issue, culture is.

Race can control culture, and there are race baiters who profit from exploiting racial differences, but that’s not necessarily the case. America is great because it is built on great Christian ideals that are colorblind; equality, ordered liberty under God, limited government, inalienable rights, private property, etc.

If you can affirm and submit to these principles then we can survive together, even if you don’t subscribe to the Christian religion that produced these ideals. If we don’t assimilate immigrants into our Christian worldview, they will assert their own race-based or religious ideology.

Millions of unaccounted-for illegal aliens are living lawlessly off the grid underground. It is undermining our laws and our economy and is cultural suicide. We must first enforce our borders then begin the important work of restoring law, order and unity or else become the like the corrupt nations people are fleeing to come here.

http://defendchristians.org/commentary/ ... hristians/

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