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September 22, 2005



America First: Summit on National Security is almost here! Get ticket details for this October 15th event at . Chris Simcox, keynote speaker and co-founder of the Minutemen, will take time from his hectic schedule to give us a first-hand report from the border. Joining him will be many minority and immigrant leaders who put America First. Despite what the press would have you believe about us, the speakers look like Americans...red, yellow, black, brown and white…and include a doctor, a lawyer and even an Indian who wants to be Chief (chief elected official of Tennessee, that is!) Confirmed speakers include: Robert Vasquez, Bob & Bonnie Eggle, Yeh Ling-Ling, Dr. Madeleine Cosman, Keith Butler, Kevin Fobbs, Carl “Two-Feathers” Whitaker, Terry Anderson, Dave Gorak, Susan Tully, Joseph Daleiden, Frank Penn. (Request their biographical information from us.)



Indiana bank rewards illegal aliens with home loans. As if that wasn’t bad enough, Bank Calumet even threw them a party complete with a Mariachi Band and a $500 gift certificate from a local store. That’s the same type of treatment citizens get, right? I wonder what the reward would be we broke the law and didn’t pay our taxes? Perhaps a pair of matching silver bracelets and an all expense paid “vacation” in a luxurious federal institution? Here is the newspaper story about the bank loans: Many of our supporters contacted the bank to express their displeasure. With the help of FAIR and the Chicago Minutemen, IFIRE picketed the bank on September 3. Read about it here. We had so much fun, we’re doing it again. We continue to hear from more people who are closing their accounts.



Protest at Bank Calumet this weekend, September 24, 2005 at 9am. New location: 750 Ridge Road, Munster, IN. Bring your signs and American flags. This time, we will pass out flyers to employees, customers and passers-by. Contact us for more information.



IFIRE is growing! Dennis Drake, a former Valparaiso resident, is the new Spencer County Director of IFIRE/Indiana Minuteman Chapter. After a successful career in insurance, Dennis retired and now lives in the southern Indiana town of Santa Claus. He is still active in church, hunting, and gun & rifle clubs. You may welcome Dennis or volunteer to help him with IFIRE and Minuteman activities by emailing him through our contact page.



IFIRE and ICIC will testify at the Interim Study Committee on Public Security and Regulatory Matters on October 6, 2005 in the Senate Chambers beginning at 10:00 a.m. The general public may testify on issues such as identity theft and the Real ID Act. At the September 21st committee meeting, the BMV testified about implementing the REAL ID Act. It contains many excellent provisions. Evidence of lawful status must be supplied before a driver’s license is issued. The BMV handout said, “The State shall not accept any foreign document, other than an official passport…” That would seem to eliminate the Matricula Card.



Midwestern News

Illegal drunk driver hits, kills 2 men leaving wedding in Indy:
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American in Anderson, IN left on life support after fight with 2 illegals who will be deported but not charged

Rick Biesada on bank loans to illegals

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Illinois Gubernatorial candidate, Jim Oberweis on illegal immigration

Carl “Two Feathers” Whitaker organizes Tennessee Volunteer Minutemen

Court rejects BMV rules on ID

BMV wants our input on ID rules



National News

Friends of the Border Patrol attacked

Guzzardi: Are banks in the treason industry?

Banking on illegal immigrants

US elected officials colluding with Mexican government: urging border watchers be charged with hate crimes

Border Patrol to help in Katrina disaster

Norwood on jobs for Americans

Judicial Watch to sue on behalf of Herndon residents opposed to taxpayer financed day laborer center

Lou Dobbs: Corporations now own US government

Want to know what it’s like to live on the border? Read this eye-opener!

Teacher in trouble over letter to Congressman

Over 40% of Mexicans want to live in America

Hospitals won’t turn illegals away even if it means bankruptcy

Pat Buchanan: Impeach Bush?

Firms can check immigration status of employees

Embracing illegals

Hurricane disaster aid goes to illegals

Mexico’s Northern Strategy




1-877-762-8762 Toll free number for all Reps. and Senators in D.C.

You can find details of the following legislation at thomas.loc.gov

Yes on H.R. 2671 the Clear Act

Yes on H. R. 688 the Safer Act

Yes on H. R. 997 to declare English the official language of the US.

Yes on S. 557 to repeal Clinton’s Executive Order 13166 which requires hospitals to conduct business in foreign languages instead of English.

Yes on H. R. 925 to improve ID security.

Yes on H. J. Res. 46 to stop children born to aliens in the USA from becoming automatic citizens.

Yes on H. J. Res. 53 to require that the Census count only citizens.

Yes on H. Con. Res. 50 to disapprove of the Social Security Totalization Agreement between Mexico and the USA.

NO on S.1438 the Cornyn-Kyl guest worker/amnesty bill.

NO on S.1033 the McCain-Kennedy guest worker/amnesty bill.

Yes on H.R. 3333 Tancredo’s immigration reform bill.



Letters to the Editor

Don’t reward illegals with home loans

Why the borders remain open after 9/11

We need more protestors

Four BackTalk comments about bank loans for illegals

Firms should speak English

Drunk driver who killed two was an illegal alien


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