Indiana Federation for Immigration Reform & Enforcement


November 10, 2005



This is a special edition of the IFIRE Informer Newsletter. It contains the two items that had the biggest impact on me in the past 30 days.

First, please visit http://unitedstates.fm/ and scroll down to the middle of the page and watch the video called The Death of an American Dream, the story of Raymond Herrera, a skilled American tradesman in California. If we allow this to happen in California, we are ensuring it will happen where we live. This video and website are the creations of Luca Zanna who immigrated to this country from Italy. He is now a proud American citizen who probably has more passion for this country in his little finger than most of us have in our entire bodies. Take a look around his website and youíll see for yourself, plus youíll be treated to some of his patriotic musical creations.

Finally, please read this poignant article about an American family living on the border with Mexico.

This article really covers it all. Itís an outrage that American families like the Morales family have to live as virtual prisoners in their own homes. As I read this, my feelings swirled from anger to pity and back again. Are we going to let the governments of Mexico and America treat their people this way? The Morales family is caught in a horrible nightmare. If they help illegals, they encourage more to come and this puts the Morales family in physical jeopardy. If they donít help the illegals, many more could perish in the desert and what human being could live with that? Why does our government allow this travesty to continue?

After you watch the video and read the article, please drop me a line to tell me that youíre doing enough to save your country. If you think you could do more, please tell me what you plan to do. If you donít have any ideas, please visit www.ifire.org and check out the action items page and pick something. You have to help save yourself and your country. Your children and grandchildren are counting on you. The government sure as heck isnít going to do it for you. And, as much as I would like to do it all for you, I canít. I need your help. The leaders of state organizations around the country need your help. Whatever youíve been doing, please add one more thing to your list and take action now. If you havenít taken action yet, let me assure you that it feels great when you stand up for America!


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