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May 15, 2005 Newsletter



English has been the official language of Indiana since 1984. Will someone please tell our governor and other state lawmakers? Indiana still has a budget deficit, schools are under funded and property taxes are going up yet they keep appointing more tax-funded advisors and commissions to help ILLEGAL aliens learn to speak English.

The latest move is to require round-the-clock, accredited interpreters at hospitals. This could cost hospitals $100,000 per year just for Spanish translators. Forty-five other languages are spoken in Lake County. State Rep. John Aguilera, chairman of Indiana Commission for Hispanic/Latino Affairs, is responsible for legislation that created the Indiana Commission on Health Care Interpreters and Translators. (Link no longer available for the story that ran on www.post-trib.com on 4/24/05.)

This excerpt from the article about the Governor’s newly appointed Latino Advisor says it all: “Daniels said he wants the state to play a role in helping immigrants to learn English and adjust to life in the United States. He said the problems surrounding obtaining identification for people who are not yet citizens is another issue the state should explore.”

Do you pay Aguilera (1-800-382-9842) and Daniels (1-317-232-4567) so they can use your tax dollars to help ILLEGAL aliens feel at home here?



Many successful skirmishes in the war on illegal immigration took place last month. Chris Simcox and Jim Gilchrist led the Minuteman Project to victory on the Arizona/Mexico border. The presence of these law-abiding volunteer patriots from all over the USA reduced illegal crossings by 98%. Learn how you can help the 2 new groups that are being formed. Chris Simcox will lead the border enforcement group (MinutemanHQ.com) and Jim Gilchrist will lead the interior enforcement group (Minuteman Project).

The flames were fanned by the 60 Minutes Wednesday program featuring our favorite immigration talk show host, Terry Anderson. If you missed the broadcast, you may read the transcript and watch the video.

Things were really heating up by the time talk show host Roger Hedgecock’s “Hold Their Feet to the Fire” rally took place in Washington, D.C. Thanks to FAIR and all the talk show hosts and all the patriots who showed up to lobby Congress. Thanks to everyone at home who called and faxed Congress to back them up. Due to everyone’s diligent efforts, the Ag Jobs Amnesty, legislation that would potentially have legalized several million illegal farm laborers and their families, was defeated. Yes!

Amazingly, the REAL ID Act, which deters states from issuing driver’s licenses to illegals, passed the U.S. Senate by a unanimous vote and was signed by President Bush. For a section by section summary of the immigration provisions of the REAL ID Act, click at the bottom of this article.

April also saw the battle of the billboards. A Hispanic TV station erected billboards crossing out the “CA” in “Los Angeles, CA” and substituting the word “Mexico” in big red letters. This turned the city into “Los Angeles, Mexico.” To see the offensive billboard and the way the citizens altered it by draping an American flag over it, visit ALI-PAC.

The next battle over a taxpayer-funded monument in Baldwin Park, CA didn’t go as smoothly. The monument says that California once belonged to Mexicans and Indians and it will again. It also says things were better before “we”, the previous immigrants, came here. About 50 peacefully protesting Americans were attacked by a mob of about 500 people waving Mexican flags and dragging and spitting on an American flag. One American woman is in the hospital with bleeding on the brain after the mob threw a full bottle of water at her head. Visit ALI-PAC to see photos of the monument and read about the protest. Follow the links to read the latest updates on the protest at SaveOurState.

Two other citizens have been singled out for special attention by the Mexican government. One is Army reservist Patrick Haab who has family in Indiana. He was rushed by a group of illegals at a rest stop in Arizona. He held them at gunpoint until law enforcement arrived. For this, he was thrown in jail and held until an Arizona citizen posted bail for him. Local AZ prosecutors refused to bring charges against him but now the Mexican government is considering charging him. (See this article.) To help Patrick, visit his website at www.K9MC.com.

The other citizen being threatened by the Mexican government is Peter Gadiel of 9/11 Families for a Secure America. While on CNN with Lou Dobbs, Peter showed his matricula consular card to Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-IL) to demonstrate that anyone can obtain the card. Since then, Peter has received a letter from NY’s Mexican Consul General demanding that he surrender his matricula card and implying that other legal action will be taken against him by the Mexican government. (Read transcript of Peter’s return appearance on Lou Dobbs at American Patrol and find the link to the Consul General's letter in Hal Netkin’s article here.)



Things to do:

Sign this Petition asking Pres. Bush to close the border. Over 405,000 have signed thus far!

Attend this conference May 28 and 29 in Las Vegas. The list of first-class speakers will astound you!

Start calling/faxing/writing Congress to oppose the Kennedy/McCain Guestworker/Amnesty.



Midwest News:

Taxes are going up in Tennessee due to illegals (see this article).

Illinois Driver’s License bill likely dead for this year due to Real ID Act passage (see this article).



National Stories:

Zogby immigration opinion poll.

New Ipswich police chief arrests illegals for trespassing.

Walk a Mile in My Moccasins---photos of eco-disaster on the border.

Denver police officer killed by an illegal alien employed by Denver's mayor - see this article and this article.


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