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June 15, 2005 Newsletter



“Will the United States of America still be a country in 20 years?”

This was the question posed by Congressman Tom Tancredo, the keynote speaker at the Unite to Fight Illegal Immigration Summit in Las Vegas on Memorial Day weekend. If the patriots listening to him have anything to say about it, the answer is a resounding, “Yes!”

We did not run from those who threatened the summit (See article.)

or from the violent protestors carrying their foreign flags. We will not surrender the southwestern United States as the voice of Aztlan demands. We will not allow our borders to be dissolved as the Council on Foreign Relations proposes (See article.)

But we can’t do it alone. We need each and every one of you reading this newsletter to help. Jim Gilchrist, Minuteman founder, said we can prevail but we must all stop contributing to the national parties and redirect our dollars to grassroots organizations instead. William Gheen of ALI-PAC said we must make illegal immigration the top issue on every voter’s mind in 2006. Not only must we “kick the bums out” as Andy Ramirez of Friends of the Border Patrol stated but we must replace them by supporting solid candidates like Idaho Commissioner Robert Vasquez and others.

(See www.heraldtribune.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20050530/ZNYT02/505300675 and www.vasquezforidaho.org). To accomplish all these things, we must “Unite to Fight”. At the summit, we formed a new leadership council to help unify and coordinate all the smaller state organizations. Email IFIRE with the contact information on all state groups that you know of so they can be part of the solution.

Over all, Congressman Tancredo was very optimistic. He said the tide is turning. Americans are waking up and taking action and the politicians are beginning to pay attention. Barbara Coe of CCIR pointed out that we need to harness “people power.” Author, Frosty Wooldridge, often writes of the various talents of the patriots who made this country great. If your talent is making flags like Betsy Ross, then do it. Find your niche and do something for the cause, whether it is making signs, writing letters, contributing money or organizing a group.

In Indiana, the General Assembly will create the summer study committees by the end of the month. Once they are established, we can better determine where to focus our efforts. We look forward to working with any immigration-related committees.

If you’ve been wondering how much illegal aliens cost Hoosier taxpayers, be sure to visit www.ifire.org and click on “Reports”. We will soon be adding PayPal to make donating easier. So far, George Soros, Ford Foundation and Governor Daniels have not offered to pay our expenses as they do for proponents of unrestricted immigration. IFIRE is run strictly by volunteers who contribute their own time and money to bring you this information. We need your help and promise to use 100% of your donations to further the cause of immigration reform and enforcement.


EVENTS and Meetings

Indiana Citizens for Immigration Control is meeting at the Wayne Township Library in Indianapolis on 6/29/05 from 7 to 9 p.m. For additional information, contact Diane at osb3d@aol.com.

The Chicago Minuteman Project was just launched by Rosanna Pulido and Rick Bieseda. IFIRE is working with them on their ambitious first project, the

Unite to Fight Illegal Immigration Midwestern Summit. Details are still being arranged but Jim Gilchrist, founder of MMP and Operation Spotlight, and Terry Anderson, immigration talk show host, have agreed to speak at this October, 2005 conference. We will focus on how to be a successful activist. We will share more information on using the RICO statutes and IRS laws to punish those who aid and abet illegal aliens. You may contact the Chicago MMP at chicagominutemanproject at hotmail.com.


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We need more writers. Here are some recent letters to the editor:





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