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July 16, 2005 Newsletter



Secure America’s Borders Now! This the first thing that should have been done after the 9/11 attacks 4 years ago! The Minutemen have proven that ordinary citizens can succeed where billion-dollar federal bureaucracies have failed. Please sign this petition.

Another good example of citizen activism is Naperville, Illinois which is consistently ranked as one of the best places to live in America. Their low crime rate is due in part to extensive community involvement including 100 neighborhood watch groups. Does the President call them vigilantes?

Along the same lines, a neighborhood in my home town of Valparaiso, Indiana has posted its own signs instructing drivers to slow down and obey the speed limit due to the many children who live and play there. During the busiest travel times, grandmothers can be seen standing on front lawns watching and writing down plate numbers of speeders. Believe me, a hard stare from one of those grannies will make you slow down and eat your broccoli! If not, the police can be called to deal with the speeders.

My point is, YOU can make a difference but you have to get involved.

Reports are now emerging that al-Qaida cells have smuggled some 20 “suitcase” nuclear devices through Mexico into the US and are planning an American Hiroshima of coordinated detonations in numerous cities and towns. Read this article and this article.

I can only conclude that most of our elected officials have a totally different vision for the future of our country than the majority of voters whom they ignore. Senator Lugar and the Council on Foreign Relations are among those who seem to believe that opening our borders will make us more secure.

Uncontrolled immigration is a world-wide problem that played a roll in the recent attacks in London. Our leaders aren’t stupid. They know very well what they’re doing and they’re doing it on purpose - in England - as well as America.

Senators Bayh and Lugar voted against funding for 1,000 more border patrol agents (so did both senators from IL, OH, WI & MI) although they did vote for more detention beds for illegals after they get here! What are they thinking?

You may have read about the launch of the (Chicago Minuteman Project ) but you probably don’t know that 50,000 Hispanics marched in the streets of Chicago to protest the Minutemen. Inquiring minds want to know why TV cameras and reporters covered 50 Hispanic protestors demonstrating outside the Chicago restaurant where only 50 FAIR activists were meeting but totally ignored a march of 50,000! You can read about the march here and hrer. If you can’t read Spanish, try using this free on-line translation site.

Police estimated the crowd at 15,000 which is still a tremendous turn out. Emboldened by their success, they advised the Minutemen that they are planning to march on Springfield, IL in a couple months to demand driver’s licenses for illegals.

Indiana’s illegal immigration interim summer study committee has not been established yet. However, several other committees on such things as health, safety and driver’s licenses have been formed and need to hear from us. You can see who is on these committees.

I truly love stories about LEGAL immigrants becoming citizens on the 4th of July. Those are the kind of immigrants who make this country great. I was sorely disappointed when I read this article about 60 new citizens who took the oath of allegiance in Indianapolis. Despite the fact that the greatest percentage of illegal immigrants come from Mexico, only ONE of these new citizens was from Mexico! I can think of many possible reasons for this. Perhaps they don’t want to learn English or give up allegiance to Mexico. Or maybe they already have more benefits than tax-paying US citizens and plan on waiting for the next amnesty?

To all the immigration activist organizations around the country, keep up the great work! Make sure we have your website and contact info. Thanks for sharing your successes and for your help.


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