Indiana Federation for Immigration Reform & Enforcement

Join IFIRE in telling the Mexican Government to
of U.S. affairs!

The Mexican government is constantly attempting to influence domestic policy in the United States.

Did you know that:

  • The Mexican Army has crossed over into the U.S. more than 200 times over the past several years, apparently in aid of drug smugglers?
  • Mexican Consul, Sergio Aguilera, testified in front of the Indiana House Committee on Public Safety and Homeland Security in an attempt to secure the “right” for illegal immigrants to have driver’s certificates?
  • The rent for the Mexican Consul’s office in Indianapolis was paid for with Hoosier tax dollars?
  • Mexican government officials have threatened U.S. states with lawsuits if laws deemed by them to be “anti-immigrant” were passed?
  • In 2005, Mexican government officials threatened to file criminal charges against the Minutemen organization in the World Criminal Court for reporting to Border Patrol people crossing the U.S. border illegally?
  • Mexican government officials routinely call the U.S. “racist” simply because it disagrees with our immigration laws?
  • The Mexican government has actually hired a P.R. firm in Texas to help it garner support for legalizing tens of millions of illegal aliens?
  • Mexican government officials continually travel throughout the U.S. to lobby politicians and businesses to ignore U.S. immigration laws?
  • The Mexican government operates a toll free number in the U.S. for illegal aliens to call and get advice on how to demand their “rights,” a sort of 9-1-1 for illegal aliens?


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