Indiana Federation for Immigration Reform & Enforcement

About I-FIRE

IFIRE is Indiana Federation for Immigration Reform & Enforcement, a statewide public interest organization of concerned citizens united by their belief in the need for immigration reform. Founded in 2004, IFIRE believes in an immigration policy that serves the best interests of our country and state.

IFIRE is dedicated to:

Securing our borders.

Stopping illegal immigration.

Reducing legal immigration to 250,000 self-supporting immigrants per year.

Enforcing our immigration laws.

IFIREís mission is:

Educating citizens and policymakers about the negative impact of uncontrolled immigration.

Encouraging citizen participation in state and local government policymaking regarding immigration.

Providing useful, reliable Internet links where citizens can educate themselves about immigration and take action to make their voices heard.

Informing citizens about immigration-related news in our state and nation.

Developing and promoting model legislation regarding immigration reform.

IFIRE supports the following state policy initiatives:

Revoking acceptance of foreign-issued IDís like the matricula consular card from being used as legitimate, legally acceptable identification.

Adopting state legislation that driverís licenses will only be issued to US citizens and immigrants in the country legally.

Adopting state legislation to require municipalities to track costs associated with both legal and illegal immigration to assess the benefits and liabilities of immigration policies.

Ending all state public assistance to non-citizens except for emergency medical care.

Requiring the state police cooperate with the Department of Homeland Security (formerly INS) to apprehend and detain illegal aliens.

Passing legislation requiring all state and private businesses participate in Employment Verification System Pilot Program signed into law by Pres. Bush on Dec. 3, 2003.

Legislating substantial fines for employers who hire illegals.

Ending free rent for favored foreign consulates.

IFIRE supports the following federal policy initiatives:

Securing our borders by deploying U.S. military troops to assist the Border Patrol.

Reducing legal immigration to 250,000 self-supporting immigrants per year.

Increasing funding and manpower for the U.S.Border Patrol.

Ending automatic citizenship for children born to illegals in the USA.

Ending all federal public assistance to non-citizens except for emergency medical care.

Passing legislation for a 5-year Moratorium on most forms of immigration.

Repealing bilingual education and bilingual balloting.

Cutting foreign aid and deployment of US troops abroad to fund immigration enforcement at home.

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