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An army of illegal aliens including criminals, drug smugglers and terrorists is invading our country. Over 80% of Americans want immigration controlled; yet our government refuses to enforce our immigration laws. If you think this is only a problem for the Border States, think again. The next terrorist who succeeds in attacking America could well do it with the help of an Indiana Driver's License. (Visit our Articles Page to see how foreign nationals fraudulently obtained their licenses and what our BMV is doing about it.)

It's not about race; it's about numbers.

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IFIRE is a volunteer grassroots organization that works on a state and national level to push for responsible policies regarding immigration and illegal immigration. Our membership is primarily Indiana residents but we welcome all who share our goals. One of our main functions is to inform our members of pending legislation and provide various means (email and mailing addresses, toll free numbers, fax numbers) to contact those who are directly involved in the legislative process. When matters that call for citizen involvement are introduced, our members receive an email informing them of pending actions. A major focus of our efforts has been to push for e-Verification (checking employees Social Security Number with the federal database) of all employment in our state and country. The Forum is where you can keep up to date with important immigration news articles. It is frequently updated and also contains action alerts, legislator's email addresses and sample emails you can send. Please read it often to stay informed in between emails.

America is in a crisis and there are three Amnesty Bills ready to be introduced in the Senate. It is estimated that 20 million illegally reside in America-8.3 million foreign illegal workers are employed displacing many of the nearly 16 million unemployed Americans in the workplace. Indiana has an estimated population of 100,000 illegals with many thousands working our jobs despite our 325,000 unemployed citizens. At a cost of $2,700 per illegal family, a cost that will exceed $7,000 if those families granted amnesty, America cannot afford an illegal population. With our employment crisis and budget deficit we need all Americans to fight against Amnesty. Just click on contact us button, join and be placed on our mailing list. Welcome!

If you're tired of footing the bill and being ignored by your government, if you want the immigration laws enforced, you've come to the right place. IFIRE can show you how immigration impacts you and what you can do make your voice heard. (Get started now by going straight to our action items page.)

See the new report by Indiana's own Edwin S. Rubenstein, "The Fiscal Impact of Immigration: An Analysis of the Costs to 15 Federal Departments and Agencies, published in The Social Contract. View the report and associated charts.